Skills Development

Interpersonal Skills Development

You will learn how to develop a better image of yourself, your communication skills and your assertiveness and you will gain soft skills that will lead you to success in your personal life or career.

Professional Skills Development

You will learn how to achieve success in your life and career and how to be able to influence others through your leadership, management, decision making, focus, responsibility, public speaking and presentation.

Public Speaking & Presentation

Learn the art of speaking and the science behind effective public speaking and presentation. The seminar focuses your attention on different aspects including mindset, preparation, techniques, position and body language in addition to image and facial expressions.

Leadership (Soft Skills)

Whether you are born a leader or want to be a leader, there are fundamental qualities that you will learn how to develop or acquire so you can lead effectively and make changes in your life and people's lives. You will learn all the Soft Skills that enable a person to be an effective leader. 

Management (Hard Skills)

To manage different resources in your life, business or career is not an easy task and this is why a good manager needs hard skills that enable him/her to be effective and goal oriented. You will learn these skills or you will at least be able to identify what skills you need to become a successful manager. 

Anger & Stress Management

Anger and stress have become part of our lives and it is almost impossible to avoid them in today's world of uncertainties and daily challenges. However, learning the techniques of how and when to manage you anger and stress will empower you and give you control of any anger or stress  situation rather that have the latter control you.

HR & Community Development

Community Building & Development

This workshop is a full plan on how to build a successful cooperative to develop a community while creating jobs, organizing resources and enhancing quality of life in the community

Non-profit Organization Management

Learn practical and modern ways to run a charitable project that depends on donations, grants and Fundraisers. This is a must take workshop for anyone working in the field or thinking of starting a project.

HR Management and Counselling

Learn the basics and effective techniques of human resources management as well as the ABCs of counselling and mediation in a work environment.

Public Relations Enhancement

Whether you are a person, a business or an organization you need a good strategy and effective techniques to be able to establish good public relations. You will learn how to be able to build an image of yourself and your business...

Parenting & Marriage Workshops

A good nation is made of a good society which is made of good communities which are built on good and strong families that stand on solid marriage relationships. Whether it's marriage challenges or parenting challenges, these workshops are life changing experiences. 

Seminars & Transformation Retreats

Our workshops are usually in 1 day, our seminars/conferences are in 2 to 3 days and our retreats are between 1 week to 10 days. Retreats are usually in resorts or large hotels and they include excursions, physical & outdoor activities and social events in addition to different learning sessions.